About Rancho Leonero Resort

Rancho Leonero Resort is an “all-inclusive” vacation hotel consisting of 48 rooms located on roughly 500 acres of property fronting on the white sandy beaches of the East Cape of Baja California between the quaint Mexican towns of Los Barriles and La Ribera.

This property is commonly known as the “Ranch” and as a rustic family friendly “Old-Mexican” resort hotel renowned for its shore and offshore fishing, white sandy beaches and sea life.

Rancho Leonero Resort

The “Ranch” was purchased by John Ireland in the early 1980’S. He proceeded to expand the hotel services and room count over the years and also subdivided the property into a number of residential lots some of which were sold beginning in the late 1980’s. Residential construction on the purchased lots began around 1990 and has continued to this day. Currently there are, built along the shore line and bluffs of this Resort property, about 35 unique single family homes ranging in size from 2500 square feet to 10,000 square feet in living space. Casa Laret is nestled within the secured limits of this community.

The “Ranch” which includes the Resort and all of the created lots are provided with potable water via an artesian well located near the resort and this well provides all water to the hotel and residences. It is tested yearly and you can drink it without any worries as we do. The lots and Resort are also served by underground CFE electrical power, the local power company. The Ranch is accessed via a 7/24 guard gate that controls who can enter by logging in who enters/exits except the owners or Resort guests. The security staff also provide physical periodic Ranch patrols 7/24. The main road that provides access to the Resort and all of the lots is owned by the Resort which provides periodic maintenance.

The lot owners are not vested in the Resort, however, the Resort has extended the right to utilize their facilities and food services to the lot owners. Just maintain an expense account with the Resort which also bills for the water services, security gate staff with the owners being billed every 2 months. The Resort has also extended a discount to lot owners for guests and family to stay at the Resort. Trash collection is provided by the City of La Ribera via your property taxes.